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The life force that sustains all of us is unlimited in power, thus so are we

“My ego is powerless, not easy to get along with, and difficult to shake. Glad I’m not my ego!”   Jacque

Dear Explorers of the Heart,

Lately I have required some serious time in meditation, surrender and Kundalini yoga as my ego relentlessly points a finger at thee, not me. For you see, I’m currently dealing with a life-long relationship pattern that has reactivated. UGH. It’s painful too, and when I hurt, my ego wants to blame something or someone else for the pain, for there’s no way my ego will blame itself, right?

Peace is my goal and surrendering to my Higher Power, tapping into my Infinity – my greater Self is the Way. Pain is like a mist blocking my vision. Walking through the mist, I see that this relationship dynamic is something my ego created long, long ago when it wanted to be loved. I see that what I chose before I needn’t choose now. My Light is my guide, love and peace guaranteed.

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