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The choice has never be to jab or not to jab

"A healthy immune system can kill ANY pathogens that it encounters." Thomas E Levy MD JD, author of Rapid Virus Recovery

I've been silent long enough. Like you, when news of a new, deadly virus entered our country I was scared. But after the first few months, my bull---- detector kicked in. I followed Dr. David Brownstein (before the government made him remove his interviews with his Covid patients) and other medical doctors successfully treat Covid and save lives. I remembered that our bodies have an innate ability to handle viruses. I learned that worldwide lockdowns, of the healthy, rather than isolation of the sick and vunerable, are harmful to humanity slow down herd immunity. I sensed that an experimental vaccine-only approach wasn't going to work and there was lots of research proving that. I decided to stay healthy, seek out natural ways to deal with respiratory viruses. Most importantly, I chose to live without fear and live as fully and openly as the government would allow including eight trips last year to see my grandchildren and a family vacation in Cancun in March.

The research is in and it's very good news. I know that all of you who seek out natural ways to health, like NAET, magnets and tapping have built in bull---- detectors too. You too could sense that what was being enforced throughout the entire world didn't add up. Good health and early treatment are the best ways for most of us to live long healthy lives no matter what bug is circulating. We need to break through the bonds of fear.

Here's what we know is NOT true:

The unvaccinated are radical, uneducated deplorables that endanger the vaccinated

Unvaccinated need to be punished, deprived of work, denied freedom

Truth doesn't polarize or restrain; truth paves the way for freedom. The choice to jab or not jab is a false choice. Our real choice is to jab or to take responsibility for our health and our immune systems and to learn what to do when exposed to pathogens - including Sars cov 2. Comorbidities are the biggest factor in choosing whether to jab or not. So, get healthy!

In my next email I'll share how I stay healthy by following the experts who know how to support our immune systems, and conquer fear once and for all. Hint: I highly recommend Dr Levy's Rapid Virus Recovery


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