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The Woman Who Inspired the World

The petite wife and grandmother who brought hope to her country and helped end the mandates

Jacque Smillie at Tamara Lich's book signing

Two weeks ago, a friend and I drove up to Whistler, BC, Canada, to meet Tamara Lich, organizer of the peaceful Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy, who inspired me and millions of freedom lovers across the world.

Tamara Lich is the author of the #1 best selling book, in Canada, Hold the Line, and she was on a book signing tour of her country. The events sold out quickly and my friend and I were lucky to get tickets. Canadian mainstream media won't acknowledge or review this #1 book. The same blackout tactic was used in the US media to ignore the best seller, The Real Anthony Fauci, another must read.

Tamara's book is a beautiful and moving account of how the Convoy came together and gave Canadians, of all walks of life, hope. She wasn't sure the Convoy would amount to much, but "after two years of politicians, health officials, police and media banning us from seeing each other by locking up our places of worship, outlawing sports and clubs and dancing, and ordering us not to even visit our friends and families," Canadians lined the highways all across Canada in support of the truckers.

 The government came down hard on the Convoy and went after Tamara especially. She served 45 days in jail including solitary confinement, and the courts haven't finished with her yet. Through it all, her love of all Canadians deepened. She practiced love, not hate, and never attacked those, like Trudeau, who attacked her.

Tamara Lich is facing more court dates more possible jail time. Her legal bills are in the order of $300,000 Canadian dollars and perhaps make a donation for her legal defense.

Rebel News and Tamara Lich are hoping to bring her tour to the US soon.

 I hope your summer has been full of love, peace and good health,


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