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How hospitals make healing a challenge

The sad evolution of hospital care

A century ago doctors and hospitals strived to provide fresh air, water, natural food, community, restorative sleep along with sunshine and beauty.

Today's hospitals have stripped away the very elements needed to support the body’s natural healing ability. What’s left? Only medical intervention, drugs, surgery, the incredible stress of out-of-pocket expense, and, hopefully, a kind, alert staff.

Author Naomi Wolf, PhD shares her personal experience of how difficult it is to heal in the current hospital environment, and portrays a stunning image of hospital care in the 1800's. It's a great read.

In the next post I will write about a vital, new trend to keep you healthy during a hospital stay. With proper preparation, you can avoid unwanted and unasked for treatments, have healthy, organic meals, have less complications and hopefully get home sooner.

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