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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Saturday, April 9, Online Event

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

You won't find milk in a hardware store and you won't find the latest heart-healthy tools in a cardiology office either. But, the tools exist, lots of tools. That's what this one-day online event is about, empowering you to care for your cardiac system.

I arrived at my parents' home about ten minutes after my father's third, and this time fatal, heart attack. On the dining room floor the paramedics were hovered over him with their heart paddles to no avail. He was 78, and looked like he had many more years in him, but for his heart. My mother had had small strokes and finally she too died of heart failure.

The moment I became short of breath climbing our stairs, I got very scared. I didn't want to leave this earth before my time. It was time to add new tools to my Vibrant Health tool box.

I invite you to spend the day with me and people from around the world, Saturday, April 9. You'll learn how to strengthen and heal your cardiovascular system from holistic and metabolic physicians and scientists who know how the body works, how the heart works. These experts are not selling drugs or surgeries. These professionals are interested in helping the body get healthy and stay healthy.

Invite your friends and family to sign up to. You don't know who's life you'll save. More than half of the spaces are already reserved, so hurry!

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