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My Unique Advanced Healthcare Directive

“I have never seen a document like this,” exclaimed the lawyer preparing our living trust and Advance Healthcare Directives.

Weeks before I had asked our lawyer, “Is it possible for me to include every detail of how I’d like to be cared for when I can no longer care for myself?”” Absolutely!” she replied.

This is how I customized my AHD to reflect my nutritional preferences and beliefs

I am concerned about the quality of my life, regardless of my age or chapter. My Advance Healthcare Directive is reflective of the way I choose to live in the day to day, ensuring that my lifestyle preferences never get lost in translation when I no longer have the ability to care for myself.

I have taken a unique approach to creating my AHD, and by sharing my insights and preferences, I hope to inspire others to be as detailed as they wish in writing their own.

What is an Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD)?

An Advance Healthcare Directive is a legal document that clearly dictates what actions should be taken for our personal health in the case that we are no longer able to care for ourselves. In short, Advance Healthcare Directives were designed to take pressure off family members and health care providers when we are too ill or incapacitated to communicate our wishes. By a providing a list of personal choices in advance, your preferences will be honored.

3 Reasons Why Advance Healthcare Directives are so Important:

  1. The creation of an AHD is often overlooked. When your health is left in the hands of others, decisions made on your behalf may not align with your best interests or lifestyle preferences.

  2. You know your body best. I know I have reactions to even the smallest prescription doses, so it is important for me to control everything that enters my system.

By my age, 62, 75% of adults in our country use prescription drugs, filling 13 prescriptions annually. By age 65, they fill a hard-to-swallow 20 prescriptions a year. Many people live good lives on these drugs. While this is the norm for our country, this lifestyle is not my lifestyle. Your power to choose is as relevant at age 95 as it is now!

  1. The healing power of food tends to be under-utilized in modern medicine. Specifying the foods you prefer to eat, and especially those you don’t, helps others provide the best possible care.

Understanding that food is the best medicine, (except in emergency situations), and that in my own family I have witnessed natural healing of cancer and ALS, I would rather adhere to my diet and not rely on drugs to keep me healthy.

Below is my list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” specified on my AHD. We notarized our directives last week, an empowering step toward care of our future selves. Hopefully, we will never need to resort to the directive, but it is documented just in case.


  1. Pneumonia

  2. Shingles

  3. Hepatitis of any sort

  4. Flu vaccines (no annual or extra flu shots)

  5. Anti-cancer vaccines


  1. Blood pressure medications in these families:

  2. Beta Blockers

  3. Calcium Channel Blockers

  4. Diuretics

  5. Cholesterol lowering drugs of any kind

  6. Diabetic meds


  1. Chemical products like Ensure

  2. Salt free foods

  3. Unsaturated fats

  4. Fish oils

  5. Flax oil

  6. Omega 3’s


  1. Mammograms (use ultrasound or thermal imaging)

  2. Pap smears (unless specifically requested by Jacque)


  1. For high blood pressure:

Natural thyroid, Potassium tablets, 725 mg tablets prescribed if needed. Blood pressure can be regulated through a healthy diet rich in full fat, grass fed animal protein, sea salt and natural thyroid

  1. For health:

Chiropractic, acupuncture and other alternative therapies over pain medications, etc.


Biological Medical Doctor


  1. Full fat organic diet

  2. Grass fed beef

  3. Raw milk products when possible, alway full fat

  4. Organic fruits and veggies

  5. Olive and coconut oil

  6. Butter

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