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More On Inflammation, Pain And The Brain

You’re as young as your brain is flexible


My brain is my number one health priority. Luckily it tells me when it needs my help.

Brain inflammation and mood During last year’s illness I had my worst experience of brain inflammation due to a dangerous reaction to prescribed Advil.* It royally messed with my emotions; I would cry and cry for no reason and would drop into depression. When my mood dropped my husband would ask if I had taken my aspirin. No, I hadn’t for my body was feeling better and I didn’t think I needed it. Within twenty minutes of swallowing three aspirin the depression evaporated and the crying stopped – like magic!**

Brain inflammation and cognitive and motor function I wish brain inflammation only affected mood. Nope. It also effects every aspect of movement, thinking and memory. My case was so severe I even had sober blackouts, events that I had no recollection of. I now know my warning signals indicating that inflammation is on the rise.

Here is my personal brain assessment checklist Use this list to get you going. Modify it to fit your life. • Am I anxious or depressed? • Do I think clearly or do I have brain fog? • Do I walk with full length strides, or are my steps shorter? • Do I pick my feet up fully when walking or am I dragging my heels, shuffling instead of walking? • Do I read good literature or am I drawn to simpler writing? • Do I need to reread a passage for comprehension or do I understand it on the first reading? • How well do I remember names and faces? • Do I remember what I did yesterday? • Am I interested in and can I process new ideas? • Do I see clearly or do I need to wear my older, stronger prescription glasses?

I am well over my illness, but it took nearly a year to recover my brain function and I still have some foggy days. Biomagnetic therapy and Lifewave phototherapy are two techniques I use daily to strongly reduce inflammation and keep my brain function at its highest possible level.

Here’s more that you can do to lower inflammation and pain and slow down the aging process: • 1 TBS Gelatin daily, an anti-inflammatory protein that feeds your bones, brains and tendons • Kundalini Yoga, it rewires the brain through movement, chanting and meditation • “Hippo Therapy”, or bareback riding, one of the best ways to keep your brain young • 1/4 tsp – 2 tsp of baking soda before a workout to keep lactic acid production low. (Marathoners may take a full TBS to avoid cramping.) • Keep up your salt intake, potassium and magnesium too • Keep your brain energized with daily biomagnetic and/or Lifewave phototherapy treatments

*Read my previous blog on my experience with high dose Advil to find out if you should avoid high dose Advil too. **Studies show that 3 regular strength aspirin are a better treatment for depression than most anti-depressants. I experimented with a two aspirin dose but my mood didn’t lift; I needed the full dose. I haven’t used aspirin for mood in 9 months.

Be the light, share the light, see the light in others,


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