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Find the Whodunnit of Heart Disease

If you ever questioned whether lowering cholesterol and taking Statins were the only keys to heart and artery health, your instincts were correct.

A year ago I began experiencing slight shortness of breath and even slighter pressure in my chest when climbing stairs. Immediately I delved into researching coronary artery disease prevention. As good fortune would have it I was contacted by Mark Felstead, founder of WeLoveOurHeart, WLOH, a group dedicated to prevention and recovery of coronary artery disease and heart attacks.

After watching Mark's amazing testimony of sudden heart attack and recovery, I enrolled in a three-month WLOH seminar that met weekly online. Our members spanned the globe from China to Europe, Canada and the US. We shared our experiences and learned together as we ran extensive blood tests, monitored our glucose and insulin, scanned our mouths looking for hidden infections, and scanned our coronary arteries to measure our plaque buildup. Our results were analyzed by top cardiologists, of Venturi Cardiology, Blood sugar specialists, and WLOH's own Chemical Engineer, Ivor Cummins. In one of my favorite meetings we had a live Q&A with a top stateside cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy.

I now feel better than I have in so many years I can’t tell you!

And I am in the process of reversing my advanced coronary artery plaque, something most cardiologists don’t even know is possible. I know what tests I need and what changes I need to make.

Would you or someone you know like to learn what I’ve learned? Like to find the keys to a healthy coronary arteries and a healthy heart? Watch this introductory video from Mark Felstead and please join us for:

A One-Day online event, Saturday, April 9, 2022

Here are just some of the great speakers you can hear together LIVE with Ivor Cummins, BE (Chem), CEng MIEI:

  • Dr Malcolm Kendrick: Author of The Clot Thickens

  • Dr William Davis: Author of The Wheat Belly and Super Gut!

  • ​Professor Tim Noakes: Genius behind Low Carb Down Under!

  • ​Dr Scott Murray - Co-Founder of Venturi Cardiology (As Seen in Extra time Movie)

  • ​Graham Phillips - ProLongevity & Diabetes Prevention

  • ​Dr Donal Collins - Insulin Measurement with "Meterbolic"

  • ​Dr Thomas Levy - Cardiologist and Lawyer

  • ​Dr Agatston - Creator of the Programme Behind CAC Scans!!

  • ​Dr Michael Eades - Paleo Diet and Human Anthropology

  • ​Dr Jonny Bowden - Author of The Cholesterol Myth

  • ​Dr Ralf Heinrich - Holistic Doctor and literally my Life Saver!

Hope to see you Saturday, April 9. Together we can do this!

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