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A Peak Retreat Worth 10,000 Hours of Preparation

To witness an elevation in consciousness is sacred, like witnessing a birth


I’ve just experienced something new and beyond profound: witnessing peak self-realization, not just one-on-one at my office, but in a group of women on my recent Canadian Rockies retreat.

Feeling a gratitude high

I love to get high at my office. No, not a drug or booze high – but a gratitude high. To witness a client’s elevation of consciousness and happiness is in many ways like witnessing a birth. It’s sacred and holy experience, and I feel honored to share the moment with them. In my work, I soar in gratitude at least once a day knowing that over many years of practice, I have developed the skills needed to bring about this elevation in my clients. Obviously, that very elevation is what I hope results from the tremendous amount of effort and hours I put into planning an event. At my Peak Experiences retreat, it all came together. The theme, the location, my co-teacher, the format, the handouts, the catered food. After years of tweaking and upgrading, I now have my criteria for events that I am proud of and know will work.

A retreat experience worth 10,000 hours of preparation

Reflecting back on the retreat, I think I know one reason it was so successful: I completed the mandatory 10,000 hrs required to rise to a level of expertise to teach and transmit what I know about self-healing and spiritual transformation. There may be psychologists who discredit the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any given field, provided that you have some natural ability in the field of pursuit. However, my experience in deciding to become a teacher has affirmed my belief that it takes thousands of hours to not only master the material but, more importantly, discover your style and the elements you need to create something unique and memorable.

Getting to where you want to go… with  your  unique talents

If you are just starting out towards your goal (in any field!), know that it takes time – even years. If I can offer advice here, it’s keep moving towards your goal. Don’t let discouragement take hold. Feel it, and keep on going. I have more to say on this topic…

Please  share with me  if you’d like to hear more about the process of getting to where you want to go with your unique talents.

Notes of reflection and gratitude from retreat participants:

“My heart chakra opened up for the first time in years. I am now able to feel happy again. My awareness has increased, as well as being more sensitive as to what’s in my environment. One area of major chronic pain is gone. I can truly say that I can hardly wait until the next retreat.”  -M.C.

“Thanks Jacque and Kim for your wonderful energy and for choosing such a majestic location for this retreat. I feel more open to new experiences, grounded, and more creatively inspired than I have in a long time!”  -E.H.

“I was able to recognize and feel a deeper closeness and a overwhelming gratitude to some of my spiritual teachers. One of them my mother, and another my therapist.”  – S.G.

“I didn’t know how happy seeing animals would make me, as well as spending time with my new friends.”  – C.A.

Ready for your Peak Experience? Join me at my next live event (I’ll announce 2 fall events very soon) or call or text to schedule a one-on-one appointment. 909 335-1980

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