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Are you destroying ancient Canadian forests?

“The fluffy toilet paper you are buying is helping kill Canada’s ancient forest, study says”


The manufacturing of Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Charmin, Up and Up, and Costco’s Kirkland brand of toilet paper,  is one of the “most environmentally destructive processes on the planet.” Read full story here

Who doesn’t love fluffy toilet paper? TP made from recycled paper is not as nice. What to do? How about using a comfortably soft, but not fluffy, toilet paper made from renewable bamboo? Who Gives a Crap sells tp, paper towels and tissues that are soft and strong. There is a bonus benefit too: half of all profits go towards building toilets around the world for those in need. They’ve given over $1,3000,000 so far. If ordering paper products online is not your thing, find a good bamboo or recycled tp that works for you. Let’s let Canada’s ancient forests thrive.

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