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5 things to remember when looking for your answers

“Focusing on a problem to find its answer is like hiking to the desert in hopes of finding rain.”

Right now I’m looking for a solution to a health issue. These are the five truths that direct my focus to where the answer lies:

  1. Answers exist for every problem

  2. Answers are not found inside of problems

  3. Answers are presented the same time that problems show up – there is no time delay

  4. Answers are given to you; you don’t invent them

  5. Answers are always found at the perfect time

Like all of us, I have a problem to solve. Yet, if I focus on the problem, all I can see is the problem. The longer I focus on it, the more real and distressing it becomes. Focusing on the problem clouds my sight so I cannot see the answer shining before me.

The first step I take when searching for answers is to lovingly detach my focus off of the problem. When I detach from the problem, insight is possible – and answers are found within. Insight transforms a problem from something bad happening to me into a gift, a spiritual tool for growth. With insight I can give thanks for the problem showing up in my life, because:

Answers are like spring showers, cleansing, refreshing and necessary for growth. The problems bring the showers.

In the upcoming class, Detaching with Love, you’ll join others exploring the infinite realm within, through thought, breath and movement exercises. One exercise you’ll experience is, Earth to Heavens. Not only will it shift your focus inward, it also can heal nerve pain and sciatica, clean out anger and obnoxiousness and bring grace to the center nervous system control in your brain.

Kimberly and I hope to see you at our upcoming event.

Jacque and Kim Oct 3-4, 2015

Remember, when you are looking for answers, “…it is impossible that I could have a problem which has not been solved already.” Lesson 90, ACIM

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