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When You’ve Tried Everything Else, Go Deeper

Discover What Your Body is Trying to Tell You
Help Your Body Heal Itself
Get Back Into the Flow of Your Life

You’re Designed to Feel Better Than You Do Now

Life can feel like moving through concrete when you don’t feel like yourself. Whether it’s stress, illness, injury, or politics, it’s easier than ever for the body, mind, and spirit to become chaotic. Unaddressed chaos leads to symptoms and illness, and you’re left wondering: What’s wrong with me?

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your body is trying to tell you?

Through time-honored healing techniques, I’ll help you discover how good you’re designed to feel. You deserve to get back in the flow and experience life from a place of joy, ease, and connection.


Don’t Throw in the Towel Just Because You’ve Been Told There’s Nothing Else You Can Do

Treating your symptoms may be medically necessary, but it’s not all you can do. I approach wellness differently, going straight to the source to treat the underlying imbalance causing the body to be ill. I see your whole being—not just your ailments. 

I use a combination of energy techniques to calm the chaos causing stress, blockages, and pH imbalances. With 40+ years of experience, my techniques include: NAET, Bio Magnetic Therapy, Tapping, and Yoga.

Tools In My Toolbox For You To Feel Your Best

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Fatigue, illness, emotional stress? Your body may be craving Biomagnetic energy.

Magnetic energy is a fundamental requirement for life. Our cells have positive and negative charges, and when depleted or overcharged, recovery is difficult. Magnetic Pair therapy restores energy at the cellular level. When your body has energy, it becomes self-healing.

Details Coming Soon
Kundalini Inspired Yoga Classes

Based upon  a modern interpretation of Kundalini Yoga, my classes incorporate yoga, chanting, gong baths, and meditation to flush out emotional and physical toxins, and strengthen trust of your Inner Guidance.

Classes are held online several times a week, and in person in Southern California and Whidbey Island.

Details Coming Soon

NAET gave me back my life over 30 years ago. Within 3 months of weekly treatments, gone were my migraines, fatigue and fevers.

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, NAET, is safe and non-invasive, relieving energetic allergies, anxiety, chemical sensitivity, and many other energy disorders.

Details Coming Soon
Past And Future Events

Go deeper into healing and Self discovery in a one day, weekend or week-long event. Learn what I've learned, and be enhanced through the power of collective consciousness. Events focus on one modality from Yoga to Tapping, or The One Command.

Classes are held in a beautiful local setting, or a wonderful destination.

Upcoming Events - Click Now!
Tapping & The One Command

Cells communicate through emotions. Learn to tap acupressure points, in powerful sequences, to release pain and trauma so you can move forward in life without being afraid of your past coming to get you again.


Visualize and manifest how you would like your life to be right now with The One Command. 

Details Coming Soon
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My Blog To Help You

Stay up to date and read more information to help build your mind and spirit

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Clients have found relief from:

Physical pain   Emotional pain   Anxiety   Depression   Migraines and headaches   Allergies   Digestive imbalance   Autoimmune disorders   Addiction   Fatigue   Sleep   Grief and much more.

Experience what it's like to live life as the best version of you
  • 40+ years of private practice working with all ages

  • 1000+ happy clients

  • Supportive, personalized care plans

Connect With a Healer Who Sees the Whole Picture of You


Start by booking a complimentary discovery call


Get your personalized care plan


Enjoy feeling like yourself again

Try This Video To Activate Your Self Healing 

Watch How Energy Quickly Changes With This Video

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Calm the Chaos of Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

“When I first met Jacque, my body was sending me signals that something wasn’t right. I was so overwhelmed by random symptoms and frustrated that other care providers gave me endless band aid solutions and prescriptions. Jacque looked much deeper and helped me connect the dots. Most importantly, she helped me discover the emotions hiding at the root of my illness. To say she changed my life is an understatement!” 

- Emily H., Writer

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