To move up, around, or through any obstacle, we have to involve the mind, body, and spirit. Live events offer actionable, life-changing healing through changing thought, breath and movement.

My live events are one of the most effective tools for quick action in life transformation, and to deepen your experience of your sacred Self. Knowledge of the Self comes from taking time away from day to day life for inner exploration.

Whether your life needs a head-to-toe makeover, are faced with one major impasse, or desire to connect with God within, participation in my live events will meet your needs while nurturing your heart and soul. 

“You can’t see a new way of seeing until you change your thoughts. You can’t feel a new feeling until you change your breath. You can’t
 experience greater happiness, peace, love and
 freedom until you change your movement.” – Jacque Smillie

Upcoming Events

Peak Experience, a 4-Night, 3-Day Retreat on Whidbey Island, WA

April 5 – 9, 2018

Join us on Whidbey Island

Are you deprived of the creative sparks of vitality and love are the keys to creating a life that is more fully and joyfully YOU!”

Experience a Blissful and Elevating 4 Nights and 3 Days to Quench Your Thirst for Living Your Fully Expressed Life

At Peak Experience you have the time, space and the support of the group conscience to tune into your inner voice. After Kundalini Yoga and wonderful coaching you will come away with more trust, courage, hope, and inspiration to get more of you into your life.

Get Certified in Thought Field Therapy

Coming in 2018

Coming in 2018

"We wanted to go further than the basics so we use Thought Field Therapy as part of our caring tool box."

– Lauren Spilsbury, RN, MSN, VP of Patient Care Services at Redlands Community Hospital

Teach your patients how to harness their own healing power to overcome phobias, anxieties, addictions, and other common psychological problems, and pain syndromes, using safe, effective tapping.


Transform your life. Bring any problem to my live events. You will receive insight and support, and uncreate the past, while creating a new future using new thoughts, breath and movement. Watch your life, love, relationships, health, and finances transform in front of your eyes.

Heal your heart. In Thought Breath Movement® events, we work toward healing your heart of any hurt, lack, or imbalance. You will leave refreshed, expanded, and able to breathe your way through life’s obstacles. Additionally, you will take with you a profound sense of trust that your heart will lead you always.

Break through obstacles. Live events are gateways to breakthroughs. Your muscles, nerves, organs, and cells hold memories and reactive, repetitive patterns. Releasing these holding patterns opens your energetic pathways to the life you truly want to live.

Discover the power of a collective consciousness.In our live events, we work with the powerful energy of a collective group consciousness. Give up working so hard, and expand yourself into the collaborative, loving energy of the group.

Learn techniques you can take home with you. My tools are designed to be used in day-to-day life. Before long, your life looks, feels and is more of what you had hoped for all along.


Thought, Breath and Movement®, and Kundalini Yoga®: Join Jacque Smillie for full afternoons of healing your heart and journeying into your soul. Each class is designed to dissolve old patterns and create new ways of being in your breath, body and mind.

Past Themed Workshops Include: 

  • “Awakening the Power of Spiritual Consciousness”
  • “Happiness”
  • “Moving Through any Impasse”
  • “The Secret Power of Your Rich Mind”
  • Get Certified in Thought Field Therapy, at Redlands Community Hospital

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