Get Certified in Thought Field Therapy® to Empower You, Your Patients, Clients, Students and Those You Love

This live event specifically meets the needs of these individuals:

• Healthcare workers in fields like medicine, physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic, and naturopathic • Teachers • Human resource managers • Parents • Counselors • Educators •  Clergy • Business owners • Coaches

We welcome Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Therapy Practitioners to TFT. TFT offers advanced EFT Tapping Patterns to help overcome specific challenges

RNs: This Course Has Been Approved for CE Credit

If Your Patients Are Experiencing Any of These Symptoms, This Training Is For You!

Needle and IV Phobias

Trauma following a heart attack, stroke or other sudden events

Fear of Anesthesia or Surgery

Addiction, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, Shock and Trauma of an upsetting diagnosis or prognosis

Unmanageable Pain, Headaches and Migraines

What is Thought Field Therapy®?

TFT Tapping Therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive, healthy self-help alternative to long-term, or drug-related psychotherapy.

Think of TFT as an emotional form of acupuncture without the needles. It’s a system that combines 5000 year old Chinese medicine with 21st century science and innovation that you can learn in minutes and use it to provide instant relief for your patients dealing with the stressful situations they find themselves in.

Thought Field Therapy®, or TFT for short, uses a tapping sequence in the form of a healing code, to balance the body’s energy system and allow you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes, while promoting the body’s own healing ability.

It was discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan and when applied to problems TFT addresses their fundamental causes, blocked or disturbed subtle energy, and allows you to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes.

TFT has been used for weight loss, to stop smoking, to ease phobias, trauma and shock relief, pain, loss, grief and much, much more. It often works when nothing else will. It is completely safe and can work on anyone – even infants and pets.

*TFT is not a replacement for medical care. We recommend that anyone with medical problems obtain the advice and treatment of a licensed medical doctor.

What You Will Receive in the Training?

The Experience and Tools to Make a Difference in Your Patients' Lives

Certification for basic Thought Field Therapy, the Algorithm Level. Your designation will be: TFT-Alg

Lots of Hands On Training

You will Learn the Thought Field Therapy Algorithms, to Easily and Effortlessly Conquer:

Fears and Phobias – Depression – Anxiety and Panic – Anger – Guilt – Trauma and Post Traumatic Distress – Shame – Relationship Pain – Grief and Loss– Embarrassment – Physical Pain – Self sabotage and Negativity – Compulsive Behaviors – Addictive Urges – Weight Loss – Eating Disorders and Weight Loss Challenges – Insomnia – Obsessive thoughts… and more.

Tap Away Your Own Personal Subtle Energy Blocks to Start Improving Your Quality of Life – Right in Class

Learn How to Bring Temporary Relief from Exposure to Perfumes, Smoke and Other Chemicals

TFT Manual, Tapping Chart, Easy Reference Pocket Guide, and 2 Bonus Download Books

You Will Be Ready to Help Your Patients, Clients, and Loved Ones Immediately

Here's What Health Care Professionals Have Reported After Taking TFT Training at Redlands Community Hospital

“I needed tools to work with my patients’ cognition and mentation. TFT has had a huge impact, helping keep my older patients safely in their homes.”       – Ken Pintus, MPT

“TFT is extremely beneficial for my dental phobic patients.”      – Sharilyn Ziprick, DDS

“At RCH, our nursing department adopted Jean Watson’s, “Theory of Human Caring,” as our nurse theorist. The staff are committed to connecting with the patient, making sure that they have this connection of feeling and of caring. Thought Field Therapy® is an opportunity for nurses, at the bedside, to not just use medicine or other therapeutic devices, but to actually do holistic care.

-Lauren Spilsbury, RN, MSN, VP Patient Care at RCH

Your Teachers

Jacque Smillie, TFT-Adv 2011

Founder of Thought, Breath, Movement – One new thought, breath or movement will change your life forever! For thirty-seven years, Jacque has mentored and taught her clients and students empowering emotional and spiritual self-healing techniques. Her retreats are designed to quicken from within your self-transformative power.

Her teaching is about creating a loving field of consciousness for us to explore and experience the essence of who we are, why we are here, and how we can serve mankind.

Michelle Bruny, RN, TFT-Dx 2011

Michelle has cared for her patients for twenty years at Redlands Community Hospital. She is currently the Coordinator for Cardiac Rehab.

“I use TFT for my cardiac rehab patients’ chest and leg incision pain. Of course it works well on other pain like head and back aches too.”    Michelle

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Thought Field Therapy, Level 1, Algorithm

Add this vital, cutting edge tool to your patient care tool box. You and your patients will marvel at how they quickly resolve their anxiety, fear, trauma, pain and so much more. TFT is a process that you and your patients will value the rest of your lives.

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