A Spiritually Cleansing Meditation to Detach with Love

“Hey Kim, could you test if my daily chanting of SA TA NA MA is releasing generational depression, especially from my neck?” “Yup.” “That’s what I tested too.”
It’s like all these years I suppressed and encapsulated my father’s and my depression in my neck and, as the sound vibrations loosened my sinews, the stored up depression surfaced to surrender to God. The depression was buried so deeply that I didn’t even know I had it.
SA TA NA MA is a powerful spiritual cleanser designed for you to give all of your mental and emotional garbage back to God. Chanting it rearranges the subconscious mind, breaking old thought-habits and addictions and bringing about emotional balance.

Sa Ta Na Ma is just one of the spiritual tools you will use to recalibrate your consciousness from the inside out to become the person you want to be in your relationship with yourself and all of life.

What do you want to let go of? A toxic relationship dynamic, food, drug, debt, resentment, guilt, depression, anxiety? If so, you need to access your subconscious mind and change your chemistry and physiology. That’s just what we’ll be doing in my upcoming class, Detaching with Love.

Are you ready for a spiritual cleansing? An upgrade into greater respect, integrity, peace and happiness? Click here for more information and to register for my upcoming class

Everyone is welcome. You can participate fully, no matter what your physical capabilities are.