An Essential Key for Happy Relationships

“How does it feel to see your daughter living this way?” I asked.
“My wish is for my daughter to be happy. If her choices lead her to unhappiness, I just love her and trust that when she’s ready to, she will make better choices.” My wise friend replied.

As a parent, my ego wanted to me to be a Super Mom, a miracle problem solver for my kids. I am actually hard wired to be that way; I think I got it from my grandmother. No matter where it came from, it’s toxic to my relationships. One regret I have in raising my kids is that way too often I tried to persuade them to take my recommended course of action, rather guided them to listen to and follow their own inner voice. As adults, when they didn’t take heed, I  worried about and resented that they didn’t prize my solutions.

In every relationship, telling someone what to do disempowers them and sets up all sorts of relationship tension and resentment. Respect is allowing someone you love to make their own choices and live the life of their choosing.

I am committed being someone who can detach with love. I want to be comfortable allowing others to make their own choices. When I need to grow, to rewire myself to be the person I want to be, I change my subconscious thoughts, breaths and movements. And that’s just what we’ll be doing in my upcoming class, Detaching with Love.

If you’re a Super Mom, Dad, Friend or Spouse and have a hard time taking a step back to listen, trust and detach with love, I hope you’ll join me to attune yourself to the higher vibration of detaching with love, a key to happy all relationships.

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