Experience a Blissful, Intensive 6-Day Retreat to Think, Breathe and Move in New Ways to Quench Your Thirst for Living Your Fully Expressed Life

Are you deprived of the health, wealth and love that come from
fully expressing your deepest, true self?

At Peak Experiences of Your Infinite Self  you are part of interactive presentations, workshops, and excursions. You have the time, space, and expert guidance to release, heal and replace old habits, limiting thoughts and doubts. Be prepared to come away with more trust, courage, hope, and inspiration to express your unexpressed self.

If You're Feeling Any of These

This Retreat Is For You

Symptoms of the Unexpressed Self


Dying inside – it hurts keeping my unexpressed, intelligent and creative self dormant inside

Winding down – when you’d rather be winding up

Bored and Burned Out – despite your career success and family

Uninspired – You miss challenge, discovery, and excitement

Lacking – You feel as though you’ve fallen short, regardless of your achievements

Hopeful – You know this is the time to break through your self-imposed ceiling to reach up into a new realm of living. You are ready to invest in you, to give yourself the time, place and techniques to express your unexpressed self

Soul Surfing in the Canadian Rockies

If you don’t express all of who you are, the disappointment you feel is greater than any in your life. This is where our retreat will support you. Get what's inside of you out into your life!

Jacque Smillie and Kimberly Hickman, DVM, have combined their decades of healing and spiritual wisdom into this elevating and life changing course. And to add to its power, all of this learning and self-discovery will take place in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Canadian Rockies.

Peak Experiences. Free Your Infinite Self. Connect your soul with the soul of nature – moose, bears, elk and glaciers and the wilderness of the earth itself.

How Will You Feel After The Retreat?

Your Life Will Spring Forth With:

The health, wealth, and love naturally derived from full self-expression


Total Inner Validation – You don’t need outside approval for who you are or anything you do

Grateful – Your definition of “having it all” shifts. Now, it’s “being your all” that matters

Welcoming Change – You’ve practiced and adopted the mindset to say yes to every single opportunity that comes your way to explore another part of you, whether it feels realistic or not.

Liberated from limiting childhood programming that says – “I need to put MY desires aside so that those I love can fulfill their dreams

Trust – Deep down I know and experience that my commitment to express my full self inspires those around me to do so too

Open to new experiences – You open yourself up to growth and allow yourself to experience things you’ve never experienced before, in your body, mind, and heart

Full of Guilt-Free Self Love – Giving myself an hour, a day, a week or more doesn’t feel selfish, wasteful or extravagant; it feels like sunshine and fresh fruit for my soul

Financially redirected – You love yourself enough to create a solid, healthy relationship with the energy of money

Re-inspired – Living more fully expressed, saying yes to all good that comes your way, welcoming change, being generous with yourself you reach new Peaks of your Infinite Self

Peak Experiences of Your Infinite Self


Arrival – Day 1: Friday, May 5

  • Fly to Calgary
  • Drive to Canmore
  • Check into Hotel
  • Registration and light evening snacks

Event – Day 2: Saturday, May 6

  • Interactive Presentation – The penalties of burying your unexpressed self
  • Workshop – Tuning into your Higher Consciousness
  • Workshop – Find out anything you want to know about yourself but were afraid to ask
  • Interactive Presentation – How to use your breath to clean out your subconscious clutter and debris
  • Workshop – Two ways to use your breath to change your thoughts – instantly
  • Workshop – Conquering Self-Animosity with Kundalini Yoga
  • Workshop – The Open Heart Meditation
  • Interactive Presentation – Manifesting your life through Deep Relaxation

Event Day 3: Sunday, May 7

  • 4 am Kundalini Yoga to expand your capacity to receive (optional)
  • Interactive Presentation – Tuning into your Highest, Most Creative, and Empowered Self
  • Interactive Presentation – Losing the fear of Fear
  • Workshop – Using sound to uncover the undiscovered part of you through
  • Workshop – Active Meditation to live and vibrate wisdom through sound, breath and movement
  • Workshop – Integrate and Elevate to bring your essence into your daily life
  • Workshop – Integrate and Create through the 64-Step Deep Relaxation

Excursion – Day 4: Monday, May 8

Continue integration and elevation by immersing yourself into the bountiful, blissful and beautiful Canadian Rockies

  • Explore Lake Louise, Banff National Park
  • Lunch at the Lake Louise Heritage Railway Station
  • Soak in the Radium Hot Springs, Kootenay National Park
  • Dinner at the Old Salzburg Restaurant

Excursion – Day 5: Tuesday, May 9

Another day of integration and elevation in the Canadian Rockies

  • Drive the Icefield Parkway
  • Short hike to the glacier-fed Peyto Lake
  • Lunch at Num Ti Jah at the base of the Crowfoot Glacier
  • An evening of shopping and dining on your own in Banff

Departure – Day 6: Wednesday, May 10

  • Check out of Hotel
  • Drive to Calgary
  • Fly home elevated, inspired and saying yes to all opportunities to express your newly expanded self

Your Teachers

Jacque Smillie, Founder of Thought, Breath, Movement – One new thought, breath or movement will change your life forever! For thirty-seven years, Jacque has mentored and taught her clients and students empowering emotional and spiritual self-healing techniques. Her retreats are designed to quicken from within your self-transformative power.

Her teaching is about creating a loving field of consciousness for us to explore and experience the essence of who we are, why we are here, and how we can serve mankind.

Kimberly Hickman, DVM is a healer, guide and teacher of pets and their owners for nearly forty years. She has been a dedicated spiritual student and teacher for many years.

What People Have Said About Jacque & Kimberly

“You two make a fabulous team!”-  MH

“The class has great flow and movement when they teach.” – LM

“During the wonderful workshop, I was guided through a process that released a feeling I’ve never felt before. Because of Jacque’s compassion, support, energy work, and healing insights, I finally gave myself permission to believe fully in myself and my creative abilities. As an independent business owner, this act of deciding and declaring that I was worthy of abundant success was a major turning point in my career. Since Jacque’s workshop, my client load has tripled… but more importantly, the belief I have in myself continues to flourish” – EH

Hotel Information

Silver Creek Lodge

1818 Mountain Avenue Canmore, Alberta Canada

877 598-4242 •  Silver Creek Lodge

Ask for our Peak Experiences Retreat group rate

The one bedroom suites will be set at a mid-week rate of $150.00 and weekend rate of $160.00. The two bedrooms will be at a midweek rate of $185.00 and weekend rate of $210.00.*

*Rates are posted in Canadian dollars.

If you would like to share a suite, please contact Jacque who will arrange that for you if possible. The one bedroom suite can accommodate up to 4 people. The two bedroom suite can accommodate up to 6 people.

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 May 5 – 10, 2017

Peak Experiences of Your Infinite Self

Free Your Infinite Self. Connect your soul with the soul of nature – moose, bears, elk and glaciers and the wilderness of the earth itself. Come experience the peak of your infinite self!

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