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Peak Experiences of Your Infinite Self

May 5 – 10, 2017

May 5 – 10, 2017

Are you deprived of the health, wealth and love that come from fully expressing your deepest, true self?

Experience a Blissful, Intensive 6-Day Retreat to Think, Breathe and Move in New Ways to Quench Your Thirst for Living Your Fully Expressed Life

At the Peak Experiences Retreat you are part of interactive presentations, workshops, and excursions. You have the time, space, and expert guidance to release, heal and replace old habits, limiting thoughts and doubts. Be prepared to come away with more trust, courage, hope, and inspiration to express your unexpressed self.

Full self expression is the key to filling your life with all of the health, wealth and love your are destined for.

Detaching with Love

(This event has ended)

Saturday, September 15, 2016

3 - 7 pm

Heal you and your unhealthy relationships

It took years for me to realize one simple truth: keeping the focus on myself in the midst of someone else’s crisis is far more healing for them than when I sacrifice my life. It’s an odd truth that took years of practice to embody. Would this help you too?

This Event Has Ended.

Thank you to everyone who attended, making this such a wonderful weekend! 

Some Wonderful Things People Say About Jacque

“Jacque is a rare and potent guide. It is unbelievable that such leaps can occur with her. There is nothing broken about Jacque’s connection to Source. She really does see.” — Jennifer Warnes, Recording Artist

“It was an amazing afternoon and I feel very blessed that much more beauty, joy, ease and fulfillment are coming.”  —JF

“When you walk through the door and spend a day with Jacque I guarantee you’ll never be the same. You’ll be transformed in a most magnificent way.”  — Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command

“The way Jacque teaches makes it so easy to understand and apply, and the results are immediate. This was the best class. Get ready for a better life!”   — Michelle B., Cardiac Rehab RN

“In the great body/mind/spirit truth we all inhabit—and fear can get in the way of love of all kinds— Jacque Smillie has consistently been the one able to see truth and right action at every given moment whether in physical health, emotional quality of life, and, for this career writer, in the writing projects most important to him and to his coaching clients.”   — Bruce McAllister, National Endowment for the Arts Writing Fellow and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Literature and Writing, University if Redlands


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